The soul of our House is found in this part of the cellar. Here we find the silence of the cellar, the resonance due to wood and the bewitching smell of fermenting musts. This room, housing more than 120 barrels, built in 2018, is the key to our know-how and DNA of our House. Few visitors are allowed to enter it: it is necessary to respect the magnetic atmosphere of the place and the tranquility of the wines


This captivating atmosphere gives us a special peace of mind and protects the manufacturing secrets of our Champagnes. The share of wood in all our cuvées rests several months here before being assembled. The barrels formerly used to make the most famous Burgundy white wine, the Meursault also house the wines used for our disgorging liqueur. This secret recipe is the final touch added to the bottle of Champagne before corking. Other barrels contain our tests for the creation of future cuvées. In particular, the most anticipated of the House, the cuvée of our Clos “le Point du
Jour”, which we will have to look forward to for several more years…