The elegance of Champagnes BOUCHÉ was recognized very early on and allowed previous and
current generations to serve their champagne on the most beautiful tables in France and the world as
well as during your celebrations.
Our mastery and expertise are the unique style of our wines: complex, aromatic and subtly wooded.
Each blend is studied and tasted with precision to select only the best.


For more than a century, Maison BOUCHÉ has designed its Champagnes in the secret of its historic cellars dating back to the 19th century.
In the privacy of our cellars, the love and passion of wine reigns supreme. The BOUCHÉ style is accurately transcribed through the assemblies of the Elegance and Prestige collections.
The 4 generations of the House have always had the ambition to create value by innovating and scrupulously respecting every step of the manufacturing process: from the careful work of the vine to the meticulous and manual dressing of the bottles of Champagne.


We taste wines from different vintages, different plots, different grape varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier) but also different years. Every year, some of the wines are preserved and thus become our reserve. Our Cellar Manager, his father José and his wife Stéphanie then compose the
non vintage champagnes from the previous harvest years.

This characteristic of Champagne allows us to create balanced wines and maintain their high quality every year. In the best years, the harvest does not need to be assembled to our reserve wines and is self-sufficient. We then create vintage Champagnes that will age at least 10 years in cellars before they can be tasted.