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The Clos le Point du Jour invites you to take a break, to fully enjoy the sensory journey that this exceptional cuvée offers.

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It was in 1967 that the first Pinot Meunier plants of our Clos were planted in the historical park of the third generation of the family, located in the garden of the House.

In this park, Nicolas Bouché will make his first steps as a child, but also his first steps as a winemaker. Because it is naturally in the Clos le Point du Jour that he will discover for the first time, his passion for the work of the vine transmitted by his father José Bouché, third generation of the House.

On March 15, 2014, will mark one of the strongest moments in the life of Nicolas Bouché. The birth of his first son, Victor.

Today, it is the turn of the fifth generation, Victor and Clément, the two children of Nicolas and Stéphanie Bouché, to flourish in this Eden, where grapes reign as sacred fruit.

It is therefore quite naturally that Nicolas Bouché will choose the date of March 15, 2024, his son’s tenth birthday, to unveil the very first Vintage of Clos le Point du Jour.

100% Pinot Meunier from our plot Le Point du Jour. This Blanc de Meuniers leaves its wine 100% under wood for 16 months in our Chai. In which our oak barrels that have housed the best white wines of Burgundy agree with the  expertise of our cellar master Nicolas Bouché, to offer you a unique sensory experience in Champagne Bouché.

It is then for 9 long years that our 3048 bottles of Clos le Point du Jour will rest in bottle on lees of yeast in the cellars of the Maison Bouché.

The Clos le Point du Jour 2014 is a Vintage created in limited quantities of 3,048 bottles. It then has special attention from our entire team. After manual disgorging, each bottle is dressed entirely by hand.

From the cap to the label, it is with precision that our team deploys all its know-how to obtain an exceptional final result at the height of this nectar.

A wine country full of contrast. A mild and humid winter, a dry and sunny spring, an oceanic summer leading to a month of September that could be described as « miraculous », because continental and hot. Cool nights combined with warm and sunny days, favorable to the maturation of our precious grapes. Patience, mastery and hope will have been the watchwords of this wine year 2014.

The Clos le Point du Jour, represents for me all the roundness and fruitiness that Pinot Meunier is able to offer us in fragrances and flavors, when given the complexity of the oak barrel.

This vintage from a single plot in the heart of our House, perfectly represents the philosophy of Champagne Bouché.

It is today the rarest of our champagnes.

It has a delicate yellow color with elegant gold reflections. A fine effervescence escapes from the bottom of your glass.

A nose of character full of greed from which emanates silky toasted scents and delicious chocolate and vanilla aromas.

A beautiful aromatic complexity revealing elegant flavors of candied exotic fruits sublimating generous aromas of toasted bread.


Maison Bouché suggests you to keep your bottles in the dark, horizontally in a humid and cool environment of 12 to 17°C.


The ideal temperature to serve this vintage champagne is between 10 and 12°C. Maison Bouché recommends a tulip glass or a white wine glass with a fairly wide opening, will allow the Clos le Point du Jour to express all its aromatic complexity.

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